Melissa Webb



Melissa Webb, LMP, SAMP is a Massage Therapist in Lynnwood, Washington with a focus on Sports Massage and Injury prevention massage. In addition to my practice in Lynwood, I have had the opportunity to provide massage as a part of the Washington State Sports Massage Team and as a member of the Medical team at the 2013 NW Regional Crossfit games in Kent, WA.

Several years ago I made the decision to begin my own journey down the path of wellness. I had spent far too long restricted by my size and lack of energy. I knew that something had to change. With the guidance and support of my friends at Locals Gym, I dropped the weight, boosted my self confidence. I wanted to help others find their path. I found my direction in Massage School and in 2007 I received my Massage Therapy Certificate.

As an Athlete( I am a powerlifter) massage has helped me increase my performance, and improve my overall health and well being so much that I decided that I wanted to share my success with others.

My background as an athlete sets me apart as a therapist. It has allowed me to create a more holistic approach to massage blending relaxation and injury treatment techniques tailored to each clients specific needs.

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