Sports Massage

Sports Massage is primarily used on athletes prior to an event to enhance peak performance as well as post to help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and cramping. The goal of sports massage is to help prevent muscle and tendon injuries. Pre-event sports massage is generally brief lasting only 10-15 minutes and is aimed at increasing blood flow and range of motion. Pre-event Sports Massage is given on an average of 30 minutes prior to the start of an event. Post Sports massage is generally given within an hour after the event after the athlete has had a chance to cool down and re-hydrate. Post event massage focuses on recovery and decreasing muscle soreness.

Small Animal Massage

Animals as well as humans can benefit from massage. Like us dogs and cats suffer from chronic aches and pains either as a result of injury or aging. Massage can reduce pain, increase muscle elasticity and decrease joint stiffness and pain. Massage has proven to have an impact on mood as well. Massage has been shown to have an effect on separation anxiety, aggression, and other such behaviors.

Injury Treatment

Injury treatment of therapeutic massage will focus on a treatment plan between physician, massage therapist and client. Injury treatment massage is intended to help correct structural issues or dysfunctions. Treatment massage can address such issues and headaches, migraines, TMJD, lower back pain and shoulder dysfunction.

Relaxation Massage

A one-hour massage session calms the mind and aids the body in healing. Massage can improve your overall health by reducing stress and anxiety, increasing circulation, increasing immunity, improving poor sleep quality and improved range of motion.

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